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Not another HP icon community!

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[21 Jul 2006|04:20pm]

Hey guys! Well I just started making Draco/Harry icons and yeah this is one of them. My computer was re-booted so I don't have Photoshop...yeah Paint! And I do some by hand...but yeah okay here it is.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Kay ^_^

and the white triangles were a mistake..haha.
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[15 Jul 2006|06:55am]

[ mood | awake ]

It has been WAY too long since a post was made around here.

1. 2. 3.

Cut, because I care....Collapse )

Art for 22, 23, and 32 by glockgal.
Art for 26 by camilles.
Art for 28, 29, 30 by __hibiscus.
Art for 36 by mayflo.

Whee, wasn't that fun? Now its your turn. We need to liven this place up.

Oh yeah, and comments/credit make the world go 'round.

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[12 Aug 2005|11:53pm]

A bunch of Daniel Icons & a colorbar.
A few Lindsay Lohan/mean girls.
comments are always welcomed & creditting is a love.


HP:Image hosted by Photobucket.com

LLO:Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I tried. I tried..oh Bella...

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loveliness. [11 Aug 2005|10:35pm]

I have a couple of pretty icons & FOB banners to spare.
good to be back.

oh, Bella Bella please....do what you do.
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[19 Mar 2005|07:24pm]

I made a few banners. A couple of them are HP and HP banner bases...Hope you like them. Basics are needed:
*no hotlinking
Getting a bit cheeky over hereCollapse )
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[30 Jan 2005|08:43pm]

I have a bunch of icons and a select few of banners. A bunch-o. It's hard though, trying to make icons with a small photosystem that's nothing compared to Adobe. so yeah. Bare with me...
[[no hotlinking]]

a) b) c)

About 28 Hp icons, 2 Fanart icons, and 2 HP Banners. And more...

Beyond this cutCollapse )
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[22 Jan 2005|11:46am]

[ mood | groggy ]

ok, i've been meaning to do this... please don't be scared, it's not as bad as it seems...

every icon i have ever made, in chronilogical orderCollapse )

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[22 Jan 2005|12:21am]

some more of my awfulness...

[[no hotlinking]]

maybe I'm just a liar...
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I don't want to hear you say..... [17 Jan 2005|02:02am]

Just joined. Thought I'd share my icons. They're really bad because I don't have Photoshop and I'm
basically using a generic digital camera shop to make my graphics...

since you've been gone...
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[31 Dec 2004|07:12pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

just cuz i love you, i'm gonna donate icons to the cause

swallow the little red pillCollapse )
these are all of my 'BAD' ones

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[31 Dec 2004|10:51am]

I'd like to think that I can make good icons, but I always get a smile out of badly made icons too! Now I can get all the smiles I want here!

And that sounded like a really bad advertisment. bad_hpicons = bad advertisment, so it works!

So umm smile and hug puppies and what not.

Happy 2005!
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[31 Dec 2004|08:53am]

This community was made after I saw the good_hpicons community. Me no likey elitists, so this is my retaliation because I simply cannot make an icon to save my life, but I don't want to be told that!

I don't really expect to see anything come of this, but hey, it was fun to make!

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